Little-known facts about champions. Part 1

I find the characters and lore of Lol very inspiring and it is something i really enjoy being emerged in. Most people know the fundamentals of most champions lore (especially the big ones like Azir, Lissandra and Gangplank) But there are a few little quirky things that can be missed if you just play the champs for power and not for lore/personality like i do. so (providing i remember) i aim to share a few of the quirky things here from time to time. So for the first instalment, here are a few neat facts about our much loved champs: Aurelion Sol collects snow globes. Jhin and Kindred hum exactly the same tune in game. The sarcophagus that is fused to Xerath's body, once contained Brand. Lissandra pre-dates the fall of Shurima, (making her older than both Xerath and Azir). Both Teemo and Rumble have romantic feelings for Tristana. Despite being most notably affiliated with Icathia and the Void, both Malzahar and Kassadin are Shuriman by birth. Jax's lore (like many other champions) is no longer canon, meaning that he is no longer (or never was as the case may be) the league's un-defeatable fighter, his reasons for using a lamppost are now also unknown. Fizz is not a Yordle. The binding that Yasuo ties up his hair with, is Shuriman. Some skin lines such as the Crimson Elite (and Pentakill if I'm not mistaken) are canon to the original lol universe (i.e. not an alternative universe such as Blackfrost Anivia). Freljiord Ashe, Freljiord Taliyah, Pre-void Kassadin and Viscero Xin (among others), are also canon within their specific champion lores.
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