Help Us Break Clash!

Help us test Clash this weekend
We're ready for a one-day test in Oceania, and we hope you are too! In our last update, we announced PBE tests for Clash. These have now been completed and - from those tests - we improved the game flow and created a recovery tool which gives us the confidence to test these changes on a larger scale (more on this below).
The Clash test is on its way and we need you to help us break the thing! During the [test]( If you find any bugs, errors or downright crazy stuff please leave a comment below with the following: 1. The Summoner Name you were using 2. Your Clash team name 3. The problem you encountered Doing so will help us identify any issues on the road to getting the thing (Clash) to a good state (released)! Thanks (cheers)!
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