Self Mystery Gifting "Luck"

Did I nearly just get baited? Now I know I’m not a genius’n all, and others may have already said this but: Mystery Gifting are NOT random, that’s for sure. It’s like gambing, the system lets you win something great in the beginning, gets your attention, and then makes you spend money on it more and more hoping you’ll get the same luck. Now I did get Riot K9 Nasus, assuming that Riot wanted to give me something “really good/rare/un-purchasable” as a starter since I’ve never used self Mystery Gifting until now. I just hope it’s correct to stay away from self Mystery Gifting from now since I’ve probably blown my “good luck” on the first one. Thoughts anyone? Rito what are your views on this? {{champion:75}} ~Doggy got this for sure~
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