Why do people say "you shouldn't have played" to a lagger?

We've all seen it before. There's a player pinging his 1k+ ping, saying "sorry boys, I'm lagging too much, I can't fight properly" Then the bright minded genius on his team who isn't lagging says "you shouldn't have played" This is a situation that just confuses me. People don't play when they know they're gonna lag. People just get into game and find themselves lagging. So why? Why do people say that? Just recently in one of my games, my Yasuo when 4/2/0 early, and was doing really well. Then he started lagging too much, so he went AFK. At the end of the game, my Ashe said to report him. So, I told her that he had 1k+ ping, so there's no way he could have played properly. Her response? "so shouldnt have joined the game". I just don't understand it. People don't play the game and know "I'm gonna lag exactly 6 minutes into the game. I'm gonna play because I want to lag", so why speak about people lagging like that? Now, this isn't even a rare occurrence. This happens all the time. Please reply with your thoughts on the matter. Should the lagger not play the game because they somehow know that they're going to lag halfway through? Or, should the playerbase stop saying what they say to laggers?
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