Sometimes, you just gotta make a skin.

This is starting to get suspect. A new skin for Pyke when Taliyah is STILL waiting on her first skin _(you said yourselves that team skins don't count)_ Like, I agree to an extent with the whole _"we wanna make skins that suit champions, and so try not to push skins on champs just to make up the numbers."_ and sometimes newer champs just fit with certain skin lines, I get that. I don't mind waiting, and its not like its a first come first served basis... but like it gets to a point where you just gotta start getting creative, or else certain champs **just won't** get skins. I refuse to believe that in the 2 years since her inception, no one at Riot has come up with a single credible skin idea for Taliyah. And If that is the case, I would seriously be questioning the competence of your employees. Sooooooo.. time to get creative guys! It shouldn't be too hard, I mean, if Dark star Jarvan _'fits the champ'_ by your standards, then you could just slap any old skin on Taliyah and call it a match. So I really don't understand the holdup.
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