New Lock In Blind Pick System

Edit: Please vote down below, I would like to know what others think, thank you. **I think that instead of calling which lane you'd like to play that game you would have to click on one of the five icons found on the side. Number 1 being top and number 5 being support. That way it would be 1st to select one of the lane bubbles on the side will get it. This way you'd all know who got their desired lane fair and square and other players wishing to play a lane someone has already called can't say "no, I called mid first! *copy and pastes the whole champion select chat log to prove something, but they just typed their name above the person who called first*" Yeah, this won't stop people picking a mid and going mid anyway but hopefully it can reduces players becoming salty and tilted before the game has even started.{{champion:105}} **
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