Why does Zed's Q count as 2 hits for electrocute?

When Zed uses his W/Q poke, and you are hit by both shuriken, it counts as 2 hits for the electrocute proc. Which makes sense. **Except** that the same rules dont apply to other champs. All 5 rocks of Taliyah's Q count as 1 hit. All missiles from Kai'Sa's Q count as 1 hit. All shots from Ashe's enhanced Q count as 1 hit. All 3 of Ahri's foxfires count as 1 hit. _(not tested)_ but I'm pretty sure that Fiddlestick's Crow only counts as 1 hit no matter how many times it bounces. So why do both of Zed's shuriken count? Its still just 1 ability. and it gives his already strong _(and free)_ poke a MASSIVE extra chunk of damage. His Q is already strong enough, its a free farming tool that allows him to still farm okay when youre trying to bully him. But is also used as a tool to heavily bully you if he chooses. 1. All in champs who rely on kills for gold, shouldn't have such good farming potential _(his passive and Q make him a last hitting god, and his combo clears whole waves with ease later on)_. 2. All in champs whose power comes from all in engages, shouldn't have the free bullying potential that he does, _as well as_ the constant threat of him going ham on your ass at any time without warning. 3. All in champs whose kit revolves around going **all in**, shouldn't be able to proc electrocute without going in at all.
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