riot do i get refund

im on a massive ranked losing streak right after the game where i got a afk sona in my promos, and ended my 8 game winning streak. and im down to 56 lp now. i was 3/0/2 before she fed 3 kills then proceeded to dc, and the part that tilted me the most was that she proceeded to play another game after (i checked their the game after (a week after) i get support and lets say my jgs decisions were questionable then the game after i deal more damage than my whole team combined. this is the main reason i avoided playing ranked. toxicity, afk players, and win lane lose game. im really pissed off at the game, because i can deal more damage than my whole team combined and lose a game. also everyones really toxic and everyone thinks they can 1v5 also nobody places wards here, dont buy sweepers rito gimme a refund please welcome to coinflip ranked
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