Can we finally update mmr to include individual skill in the algorithm?

Like the old excuse of "that would be too difficult as wed have to somehow determine what "good play" is" doesnt work anymore now that we have the stats tab that... does exactly that, gives you a grade based on your elo of how good you are compared to your elo. Like take myself i was b5 less than a week ago, and i was getting s+ in literally every game and S+ in all 3 factors in the stats tab. But i wasnt climbing. The thing is right, unless by some miracle i went from a b5 to silver 3 level in under 12 hours, theres no possible way that a hardstuck for a thousand games b5 player goes from b5 to silver 3 with a 95% winrate in under 12 hours. Unless ofc skill isnt the only factor in winning games anymore in league. The luck of the draw is a legitimate thing now thanks to all the catch up mechanics that make the game much harder to 1v9 than way back before we had all this shutdown gold, and losing team xp advantages in the jungle etc. But we have all the tools we need now to maybe not completely remove luck from the equation, but atleast soften the blow. You clearly play at a level thats maybe 2-3 tiers above where you belong, but are still losing games because youre only 1 player out of the 5 on your team, dont worry the new and improved not so shit mmr algorithm will adjust your mmr losses accordingly. On the flip side, you play like an absolute bonobo but just so happened to get 30 wins in a row by a sheer stroke of insane luck (its rare but it does happen once in a blue moon) dw the system knows you play like utter trash and will give you shit all mmr gain so you dont actually climb off those wins. Make. Player. Skill. Matter. Again. People. Only. Care. About. If. They. Win. Or. Lose. Right. Now. Because. Thats. All. That. Matters. So. Its. No. Wonder. The. Community. Is. So. Toxic. When. Theres. No. System. In. Place. To. Protect. Your. Precious. Mmr. From. Legitimately. Bad. Players. And. This. Literally. Cannot. Harm. The. Matchmaking. System. It. Can. Literally. Only. Make. It. More. Accurate. If. You. Were. Gold. And. Belong. In. Plat. Youd. End. Up. In. Plat. With. This. System. If. You. Were. Gold. And. Belong. In. Silver. Youd. End. Up. In. Silver. Its. Literally. The. Same. Trends. But. Much. Much. Faster. To. Climb. If. You. Deserve. To. And. Much. Much. Faster. To. Demote. If. You. Deserve. To.
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