"the automatic system works"

[REMOVED] These two accounts are the same person. notice one is plat, and the other has been bronze for 3 seasons and feeds literally every game they play. if the automatic ban system worked they would be banned. And i have hundreds of more cases just like this in my little "people who should be banned in my elo" vault. And it gets bigger literally every day, now imagine if we still had a tribunal, so i wouldnt have to name and shame these people. Hell most of the people that i believe should be banned ive reported dozens of times, it literally does nothing because the automatic system just doesnt fucking know they exist. like out of literally hundreds upon hundreds, of completely legitmate reports, i have seen one person get banned, and the rest go on scot free ruining mine and other peoples experiences. But of course i dont fucking matter, no one in my elo fucking matters, because we arent challenger. Despite being literally the majority of your fucking playerbase.
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