I just vsed a Cassiopeia :)

A genuine Cassopiea, not a Zed or a Yasuo, not a Katarina or an Ekko, or a Fizz.. But a genuine honest-to-god Cassiopeia :) I lost lane, I lost the game, and it was a beautiful thing. I wish I had caught this rare breed on film, the world thinks non-assassin mid laners only a myth, nothing more than a story we tell our children to make them feel safer in the mid lane, and not only was it a mage, but a rare one too! Cassiopeia _Magis-serpentus_, I truly saw this terrific creature! No lie! An actual champion (in the mid lane even!) that isn't Yasuo or Zed, i would have never believed it had i not seen it with my own two eyes! I will sleep tonight, a better man, a more fulfilled man. :')
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