Great, Riot have proven they don't care about you or me.

Player Bots in ARAM! - League of Legends Community
I always played ARAM and I'm sure everyone is an actual player.. Until today, I was playing with a friend, and I noticed the whole team acted really weird. Like, they fed so bad. And they only stand still when attacking, like... wtf? I know about bad/new players, except this is really strange..
I just saw these same bots earlier today. Exact. Same. Behaviour. GG Riot, way to prove you're lazy douchebags! Absolutely zero anti-cheat what-so-freakin'-EVER! It's legitimately not hard to stop botters - just autoban anyone who has an unrecognised file hook into leagueoflegends.exe Or make it crash. Or quit. Or lock all controls until the program is unhooked. Derp.
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