OCE 1v1 Tournament! 11th of January, OPEN TO ALL!

*Tournament now FULL and Brackets Live at - * http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/JKlaTpej-update-3-brackets-announcedoce-1v1-tournament-11th-of-january-open-to-all ***Come join the stream at twitch.tv/tbtv_mysticnz*** _____ Hey all!! I'm MysticNZ a few of you might know me from twitch/hitbox and I'm hosting a 1v1 Tournament on January 11th! Date: Sunday, January 11th, with a 1:00pm NZ/11:00am AEST start time. Sign ins for the tournament are open now!. How do I sign up? 3 Steps, 1. Register for the tournament at http://binarybeast.com/xLoL1412150 2. Follow me on twitch at twitch.tv/tbtv_mysticnz 3. Post here to let me know your in! How do I sign-in to the tournament? Join the "MYSTICNZ" chat channel in the League of Legends client and just let me know that you are here and ready to play! Also, it is a good chance to get some practice in as there are other participants in the channel looking to get warmed up! Sign ins end 30 mins before the start of the tournament, this means if you are not in the MYSTICNZ Chat Channel by 12:30pm NZ/10:30am AEST and have not told me or another admin that you are here you will be disqualified! - Tournament Size: Maximum of 32 Summoners(will increase to 64 if enough interest). - Sign ups will continue until 11:59pm NZ (9:59pm AEST) Saturday, January 10th. - Priority will be given to the first 32/64 players to sign up. - Tournament participants will be required to sign in for the tournament an hour prior to the event beginning. - Anyone who has not shown up in the "MYSTICNZ" chat channel by 1:30pm NZ/10:30am AEST on Sunday will be removed from the tournament. Tournament Format: - 32(or 64) player tournament - All rounds will be Best of 1 round. - No Loser's Bracket, if you lose your series you are out of the tournament - Grand Final will be a Best of 3 format. Prizes: 1st place: $25 RP + Other Prizes 2nd place: $10 RP + Other Prizes (Other Prizes to be annouced close to the date) Spot Prizes: Heaps of $10 RP cards to be given out during the stream at twitch.tv/tbtv_mysticnz FREE Pizza delivered to your house! Rules: • The tournament will be played on the Summoner's Rift map • The game will be made in a custom game with Blind Pick format, the players will then ban 3 champions each in a 1-1-1-1-1-1 format, with the higher seed banning first. If it is not clear who the higher seed is, the person on the right will ban first. • All matches will be Best of 1 format with the Grand Final being a Best of 3 • The tournament consists of middle lane only. No player is allowed to farm any minions or damage any towers from any other lane. • Winner is determined by the first player to kill the other or to take their opponent's mid-lane tower. • Seeding will be determined by random drawing for this tournament. 1) Each round will begin upon the command of the tournament director. Do not proceed to your next matchup until instructed to. This is to keep things running smoother. 2) If a player is cheating, take a screen shot and prepare to present your case to a tournament administrator. Please contact an admin ASAP if an issue occurs. 3) In between each round there will be a small delay of up to 10 minutes. The reason for this delay is make sure the tournament can proceed without complications. If there is a complication, it will be handled after the match it was presented in. 4) You have exactly 20 minutes to sign into the tournament. If you are not present after 20 minutes, you are automatically disqualified. If someone does not appear for the matchup in 20 minutes, please sign yourself as a victory and proceed to the next round. This only applies to the first round. Communication with the competitors and other Admins: In order to better facilitate the tournament, all competitors and in-game administrators/casters will be required to join the MYSTICNZ chat channel inside the pvp.net client. This is done by clicking the chat button located at the bottom right-hand side of your pvp.net client (the one in the middle of the three there) and clicking on “Join/Create chat room,” and entering “MYSTICNZ” without the quotation marks. This will make it easier to not only communicate with administrators inside the game, but also to help with finding your opponent more quickly. Sign ups begin right now! Make sure you put your Summoner Name that you will be using for the tournament in this thread, and do not forget to read over the rules! Bracket for the event will be live by Sunday at 11:00am NZ(9:00am AEST). Any questions? Post them in this thread! Key games in the tournament will be streamed and casted by MysticNZ Stream will be live at http://twitch.tv/tbtv_mysticnz We look forward to seeing you there on January 11th :)! Staff - Director - Mysticnz Admin1 - ShankNZ Admin2 - Burnzz (IGN-Sideburnzz) Admin3 - Soloazi (IGN-Gap)
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