riot's silence speaks volume

{{champion:143}}Zyra's plants are not targeted skills. Nowhere in the list below from patch 8.2 is Zyra listed. {{champion:143}}Zyra's plants are autonomous pets. {{champion:35}}Shaco's jack-in-the-box are also autonomous pet and it does not draw minion aggro onto Shaco. I have tested both champions in practice tool: with Shaco's jack-in-the-box and Zyra's Plants from her W or Passive; turned into THORN SPITTER or VINE LASHER attacking enemy champion -- {{champion:143}}Zyra's plants are drawing minion aggro onto her when it should not. {{champion:35}}Shaco's jack-in-the-box did not draw minion aggro onto him. Riot needs to fix this or comment here to say that it is intended. This problem started from patch 8.12 and still current in 8.14. Since patch 8.2 when the change was made and up to patch 8.11 Zyra's plants did not draw minion aggro onto her. Affected abilities (and SUMMONER SPELLS {{summoner:11}} Smite, {{summoner:14}} Ignite) AKALI Q - Mark of the Assassin & R - Shadow Dance ALISTAR W - Headbutt ANIVIA E - Frostbite ANNIE Q - Disintegrate BRAND E - Conflagration & R - Pyroclasm CAITLYN R - Ace in the Hole CASSIOPEIA E - Twin Fang CHO'GATH R - Feast DARIUS R - Noxian Guillotine DIANA R - Lunar Rush ELISE (HUMAN & SPIDER FORM) Q - Neurotoxin/Venomous Bite EVELYNN E - Whiplash FIDDLESTICKS W - Drain & E - Dark Wind GAREN R - Demacian Justice IRELIA E - Equilibrium Strike JANNA W - Zephyr JARVAN IV R - Cataclysm JAX Q - Leap Strike JAYCE (HAMMER FORM) Q - To The Skies & E - Thundering Blow JHIN Q - Dancing Grenade KARMA W - Focused Resolve KASSADIN Q - Null Sphere KATARINA Q - Bouncing Blade & E - Shunpo KAYLE Q - Reckoning KHA'ZIX Q - Taste Their Fear LEBLANC Q - Shatter Orb LEE SIN R - Dragon's Rage LISSANDRA R - Frozen Tomb LULU ENEMY E - Help, Pix! MALPHITE Q - Seismic Shard MALZAHAR E - Malefic Visions & R - Nether Grasp MAOKAI W - Twisted Advance MORDEKAISER R - Children of the Grave NAMI W - Ebb and Flow NOCTURNE E - Unspeakable Horror & R - Paranoia (second cast) NUNU E - Ice Blast OLAF E - Reckless Swing PANTHEON Q - Spear Shot & W - Aegis of Zeonia POPPY E - Heroic Charge QUINN E - Vault REK'SAI E - Tunnel RYZE W - Rune Prison & E - Spell Flux SEJUANI E - Permafrost SHACO E - Two-Shiv Poison SINGED E - Fling SKARNER R - Impale SWAIN E - Torment SYNDRA R - Unleashed Power TALON Q - Noxian Diplomacy TEEMO Q - Blinding Dart TRISTANA R - Buster Shot TRUNDLE R - Subjugate VAYNE E - Condemn VEIGAR R - Primordial Burst VI R - Assault And Battery VIKTOR Q - Siphon Power VLADIMIR Q - Transfusion VOLIBEAR W - Frenzy WUKONG E - Nimbus Strike XIN ZHAO E - Audacious Charge YASUO E - Sweeping Blade & R - Last Breath ITEM ACTIVES {{item:3144}} Bilgewater Cutlass, {{item:3153}} Blade of the Ruined King, and {{item:3146}} Hextech Gunblade Active SUMMONER SPELLS {{summoner:11}} Smite, {{summoner:14}} Ignite.
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