Ranked freezes when normal's runs perfect

OKAY so im really starting to think maybe i should stop playing this game that ive been playing for 6 years stop forking out $50 a week for hextech and skins. For the simple reason of this game is just ruining my life it makes me angry and totally pissed of to the point where im ready to punch someone its just got shit over the last 2 years. So i was playing ranked with my friend right now as i post this and your wondering how did you post this while in game. Well i cant get into the game because i loaded in perfect the first time then within 2 minutes on being in lane my whole game freezes all i hear is pings i unfreeze and my champion is i a t pose and then i click and it freezes there again. (Reminder this is ranked ) Now every single time i play normals my game runs perfect its a good 150fps thats what im used to playing on. But when ever i ranked it takes like 7 minutes to load in and i load in and get freezes or like from my post the other day pathing bugs and reconnecting horror. but yet when i play norms it is fine the problems only happen when i try to play ranked even game modes are perfect but the second i go to ranked boom problems for days now theres at this current time just under 21 hours to season end i got fucked over in placements at the start of the season fucked over witht he alpha cilent match found accept buttons which cost me almost 2 whole ranks ( b3 - b5 ) and i got nothing from riot not a sorry nothing so i try play ranked and climb but how can i climb as a adc main with freezing games when i have to last hit cs perfectly and kite in fights. Now i want feedback from RIOTER not some wench men no i want to hear from a Rioter them selfs why when i play norms its fine but as soon as i play ranked i get this shit. Thanks - Im a Teemo

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