To fellow windows 8 users, ur internet problems with windows 8 have a solution

If ur like me, and bought windows 8 unknowingly of its destructive powers it can have on ur mind while playing online games, you shud have to some extent, experienced problems like unstability in ur internet and or sudden restarts, and or just plain stupid, unexplained shit. I looked for ages on the internet for solutions to my problems, so far, i only found 1 that works. for windows 8, press your "windows key", thats the one that brings up all the useless shit instead of the classic windows menu gamers dont give a shit about, and the button "x" simultaneously, then proceed to pressing command prompt admin as you will need admin rights for this operation. then once you are in, type in "netsh winsock reset" as it says right after the little ">" and press enter. then once it displays "successfully resetted", proceed to restarting your computer. NOTE: MUST RESTART BY ITSELF OR IT WILL NOT WORK, FORCEFULLY SHUTTING DOWN USING THE POWER BUTTON WILL NOT WORK. Also, fyi, once you had to shut down and restart your windows 8 computer for a couple of times without doing this process, it may revert to its retardedness before where you will experience dcs once every 2 minutes. So, be mindful to do this process if ur windows 8 computer needs to be reminded that its an OS after all. Above is all, the wisdom of my findings on the net on solving windows 8 problems, i have not had a dc ever since, that was 2 months ago, and now i share with you this wonderful fruit that cures windows 8's many downs. Thanks for reading.
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