Proof you can die inside Kindred's ult.

It seems even death, cannot save you from death? Fought kindred, she ulted to save herself. I tried to sleepy-trouble-bubble her and then R into her ult to save myself and give me a moment for the sleep to take effect. When I landed inside her ult, I still died. Here you can clearly see Zoe's HP bar _inside_ Kindred's ult, _(and still with a smidgeon of HP I might add)_. Note the distinct lack of invulnerability around the HP bar. And here, you can see Zoe's dead body inside the ult, after being hit with an AA. ___________________ And If this is some kind of weird hitbox error; _(actual hitbox lagging behind animation/HP bar during Zoe's ult, or something)_, then I call it a breach of clarity that clearly affects gameplay,_ (**clarity**. Interestingly, a word I haven't seen Riot use in a LOOOONG time.)_
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