Tanks Dealing Damage So FUN!

I'm absolutely disgusted and so freaking tired of seeing tanks just deal damage and take none. How is it that I'm full pen plus LDR and i STILL CAN'T SCRATCH THEM but noooooooooooooo the full tanks gets to annihilate me cause I have less health then them. I was even fed an still got bum blasted by the tank, PLUS I HAD PEEL SO HOORAY? Just seriously unimpressed that you can just build "sunfire" an other DEFENSIVE items and thats game nice an sealed up for the win cause don't worry you'll never die and you can kill anyone. I've never had a problem with frozen mallet or rylies i think their fine but jesus so sick of tanks that in a defensive build destroy me and my team regardless off the skill or positioning I have. This ISN'T fun by any means. I hope season 7 changes this garbage up an that LW is a decent item again to deal with tanks. (btw i had yomu,duskblade,maw an LDR an still couldnt scratch the tank. But destroyed squishy balanced right???)
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