Riot took away my border

Why is my border from season 8 gone? I understand not getting any ranked rewards for being gold because I'm honour level 0 or whatever I am, but having my border I got taken away from last season? I'm a person who's had at least 10 perm banned accounts that were level 30+, at least 20 accounts between level 1-30 that got a 14 day suspension that I've given up on, but that's in the past for me, this season I've had maybe 1 or 2 chat restrictions on 1 account and 2 14 days on 2 separate accounts, now that may sound really bad to all of you but knowing my history with toxicity in this game that's a MASSIVE improvement, in season 7 I got probably at least 3 accounts lvl 30+ perm banned, many 14 day suspensions, many chat restrictions, you name it I've probably been punished for it. Now I'm not here to brag about my toxicity or anything, there is a point I'm getting to, the point is this, wasn't the 14 day suspension/chat restriction already the punishment? I haven't been punished on this account for at least 3 months. I served my 14 days, I played my 30 games chat restricted, now further down the line, after I haven't made any mistakes, gotten any punishments or anything like that, not only am I not going to receive my Orianna skin but I also get what I earned through blood sweat and fucking tears taken away from me, why? I literally took a level 1 account, grinded it all the way to gold 5 in 4-6 days because I had just got my other main perm banned and I'm a Graves main so I needed to get the skin and there was only 10 days or something left of the season. I've NEVER had an account last as long as this one, I've been trying my hardest to stay cool and not get tilted or angry at my teams, I've put my past of toxicity and inting in the past and I've been trying my very hardest to reform but in the end it means nothing because this fucking honour system takes all year to grind it out to level 5. You know what stuff like this does? It makes me want to run it down, it makes me want to flame my teams, it makes me not want to reform because I'm seeing all my effort be for nothing. This is extremely disheartening and it's made me mad enough to post this entire essay knowing full well that nobody at riot cares, nor will anything be done about it, take away my end of season rewards even though I haven't had a punishment in at least a quarter of a year, take away my ability to get a champion faster than once a month even though I play 10 games a day because I can't get any key shards for all these chests, but what's the point of taking away my border? This company is fucking disgraceful and if it wasn't the most popular MOBA I wouldn't play it, fuck you riot.
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