Oceania Preseason Tournament - Recap

##Pacific Peninsula **Oceania Preseason Tournament** http://i68.tinypic.com/jayl3l.png ---- **Dear Summoners, ** Last night I held my first ever online event for the OCE community. In total we had 16 teams register, 14 checked-in and 12 of those were able to fully participate. On twitch we received an average of 31 viewers throughout the 6 hours, with a peak of 44 viewers. The turn out was alot bigger than I could've ever imagined which is fantastic. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in any form, and a huge thank you to _Nijiiyo _ or bringing the event LIVE to your screens. --- ##Final Placements _(please note your prizes will be distributed within the next few weeks by Riot)_ The 8 teams awarded for their efforts are: ##**Supreme Champion**: North eSports ##**Worthy Adversary**: Enclave Black **3rd place:** Unknown Path **4th place**: Bobgu **5th place:** Limitless **6th place:** Leet Livo Crew **7th place:** Peasants **8th place: **Extremely Flammable Gaming The 4 teams who participated, but unfortunately did not advance far enough to receive a prize. Thank you to them! VinterLOL Technique The Knights CVU Elite --- ##Recap Congratulations to the supreme champions North eSports! The finals held some really close moments but unfortunately the win just slipped away for Enclave Black. Bobgu versed The Knights in the second round and battled it out for a whopping 90 minutes! Thanks for sticking through that. The night had a few problems but overall ran pretty well I'd say, especially judging from the feedback. This was my first event, and for how it went I can't wait to host more in the future, but maybe this time organize a team to make it a lot more fluent. I want to bring fun and events to the OCE community consistently. If anyone wants to help get behind this movement and bring OCE some fun than please contact me and let me know! I am all eyes and ears when it comes to ideas. Keep an eye out on the boards, events page and twitch.tv/pacificpeninsula for events in the near future. --- ##Thanks Particularly need to thank a few individuals for their time and efforts: **Maraudaur Nijiiyo** But of course, thanks to **all!** --- ##Contact If you have any further questions or want to keep up-to-date with Pacific Peninsula, contact me on one of the below: **Skype:** helloyesiamson **IGN:** bollockz **E-mail:** pacificpeninsula@mail.com **Twitch:** http://www.twitch.tv/pacificpeninsula Cheers, ##bollockz
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