This game is awesome!

Boy, I never experienced anything like league of legends! In ONLY my first 10-15 games as a lvl 9, I have witnessed things in this game you rarely see in other MOBAs. These are constant whining! trolling! constant afk's! blaming! lying to the other team to get them reporting! griefing! and general toxicity! Boy, have I never used the report system in ANY game so much in such little time! Not only have I experienced all this in such a small amount of games, before it even starts, they complain and complain because their role was taken! or go back to searching again! don't you also love it when everyone in the game get lag spikes?! I sure have the perfect timing of joining the game during this blue essence drama! Best of all! I love seeing the surrender prompt pop out every game! it comes out everytime someone not doing so well dies! how exiting! what a unique system this game has! Perfect use of my time installing and playing the game! .10/10 Il be playing this game so much more, thanks league of legends community! {{champion:105}}
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