MR Ducky is muting everyone.

Mr Ducky is just writing this to talk about his experience with League over the last 4 months. One thing you should know Mr Ducky speaks in 3rd person when he plays, why you ask? Mr Ducky is a interdenominational being. (Mr Ducky won't say the actual meaning because it's personal) So MR Ducky gets into a game says hello and is instantly met with "kys" or "fuck you %%%got" "fuck off" "go die dickhead" the list never ends >.> Mr Ducky shrugs this off and just plays. Everything is good yes? No. And heres why, Mr Duckys team mate gets a kill and I say "good work, says MR Ducky" and that positive reinforcement is met with, well "kys" and so on. So MR Ducky again shrugs it off. But then we get to a point in the game where someone has the fantastic idea, "hey lets report Mr Ducky" and all 9 other plays say "yes"! Now this isn't because I'm feeding or I'm afk or I'm being rude. No, this is because I am being my self. I found my self leaving a game because how much people harass me for talking differently. Says Mr Ducky. Now Mr Ducky hasn't been banned yet but it's only a matter of time before Mr Ducky is banned for being NICE!. And the people who tell me to kill my self or call me a %%%got or other very mean thing get away with it. Now MR Ducky is happy with trash talk don't get me wrong. But there is a HUGE! difference between saying someone like "gg ez" Git rekt m8" or "u wot m8" compared to "Getting fucking rekt dumb %%%got" or " You're fucking shit you stupid %%%% hahahahahaha" Those "phrases" I put in there happened a few games ago, says MR Ducky. But MR Ducky doesn't report people like that because there is no point, because they won't be punished. Mr Ducky is starting to see why people are leaving. Now before MR Ducky played that 4 months he mentioned up top Mr Ducky had a 8 month brake (roughly). Mr Ducky re downloaded League ready to play again and is met with..... well 0 change. Riot still focus on ONLY skins, making money and NOT listening to their community (AR URF? come on Riot) . The community is either over sensitive and report people for nothing and then the wrong people get banned or they are rude and immature spurting out that vulgar language Mr Ducky has mentioned above Mr Ducky points out. Now Mr Ducky will probably play a few more games after that he will probably uninstall, Mr Ducky doesn't want to do this because he has met some great people online in this 4 months. But sadly Mr Ducky will be uninstalling until he feels like coming back. Mr DUcky is sorry for the rant but he needed to say something. Mr Ducky is sad that he was driven away by people being rude, Mr Ducky is thick skinned and can take a lot, but everyone has a limit, and Mr Duckys has been reached his. Lot of Love Mr Ducky <3{{item:3070}}
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