So here I am playing ranked just chillin then less than 3minutes in our TF dies to Lulu mid. Me being salty I walk off to the bathroom and chill there for a few seconds. When I return to my computer, in the chat is a message from the league client to all players saying something like "You have 60 seconds left to /remake due to player DC" something like that I can't remember too well lol! Even though no one in the game DCed not to mention our TF died prior to the /remake message. Me being worried that we would lose I /remake coz you know I ain't risking a match with a TF that dies to mid Lulu in the first 2.5 minutes. so TL:DR --- Could /remake despite no DC's and even a death before /remake message. here is screenshot of prove and I hope riot sees this and fixes as it is quite gamebreaking
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