Is Skill in Video games Natural, or Acquired?

Just wondering what peoples opinions are on this. I feel like it's Natural. When I Was younger I never liked the concept of gaming on a computer because I felt like it was an awkward setup (A Keyboard) but put me on a first person shooter and I would smash up, I was never at a high level in games like Tekken though and I feel like I loved those sort of Games but lacked the commitment - but when I got older, playing at a net Cafe I felt I adopted Dota very quickly although when we had lan tournaments or in-house 5v5's etc everyone was similar but me and a close few friends were at the top of the pack and a lot of my other friends who played different games sorta sucked but occasionally did really good in the Moba field - but in Counter-strike, one of my friends was rated best AWPer in Australia and competed in Au and overseas and a fair few of my friends were incredible at Counter Strike; but when I take people on in Games like Tekken now I feel like I lack the style required but in planning things out etc and playing Moba's feel like I do average, so I feel like my performance and achievements in Games are far more about what I like as a person and my style than what I learn, because I played a lot of CS and never got anywhere near my friends level, let alone pro level (Had some games tho that were good) and I played fighting Games throughout life and never got beyond a mid level - even with a heap of practice in newcomers and with experience under my belt so I'd just like to know if people feel you can break the mould that is you and exceed in something you put your mind to without extreme effort and whether practice really does make perfect or you are pre-ordained to be at a certain level or notch in the reality that is a Video games competive rating.
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