Riot, please let Fiora's passive proc on Jungle Monsters (like Nidalee!)

I love playing Jungle Fiora. She has a lot of power with Sated Devourer, and her dash (Q) and two slows (W+E) gives her some decent ganking potential too. [(My recent Fiora games. Still figuring out how to play her.)]( However, her camp clearing is very weak early-game, that I usually have to return to base every 3 Camps (to heal) because she has no sustain. It gets easier once you buy Devourer, but before that it is painful. For those who don't know, Fiora's new passive lets her "deal bonus true damage on 'Vitals' while receiving a small heal + ms boost in return". I think this would be an awesome addition to help Fiora in the Jungle. The added damage and healing would let her clear camps for longer, and would probably make her a viable Jungler. Riot, please consider this!
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