haha guys im tilted cause these guys in my game grrrrrrrrrrrrr

hey its me your resident bronze forum poster i just had a troll in my game!!!!! why is this happening to me dude?!?! i swear riot are out to get me!! it's like the system doesnt even work or anything!! why dont players get banned after i ragequit the lobby without reporting? surely that counts wow riot you stupid men. and im sick of all these bad teams ruining my games (perfect player here btw). like here are some tips for you bronzies before you ruin any more of my games. * when i play lux support give me blue buff!! or you've earned yourself a report mister!!!!! (the system wont ban you anyway fuck you riot game) * i dont need a sightstone cause im a carry support alright sit back you ungrateful adc * if u gank and feed a kill im reporting you for inting (again the system is stupid and wont punish you fuck riot gaming tm) * im the best player so follow all my calls and if something goes bad its your execution taht was wrong not the call you stupid bronzie!! * if we lose it isnt my fault, how am cant u bronzies see this yeah there u go you bronzlords now stop feeding and let me climb to gold like i deserve!! ffs i can't believe this toxic community who trolls and ints my games. damn riot game!! ffs imma quit just you watch me guys!!!!!
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