Haha wow I love you Boards Community (Formerly General Discussion Community)

Do you guys all remember the good ol days back on the old forums man those were great. Really like some of the best interactions of my life . People like Molendo and Elo Satan were always such a laugh haha! And then you had the kinder posters like Sinly like remember when she made that cookie man that was cool. Veritas was a cool lad even tho he left on unfortunate terms. Everyone really was pretty great, Even the Rioters we had on GD (some of them still with us). Like Sephyre (idk if he is still around), Marauder who left Riot. We had cool Rioters , I really miss those days, boards isn't really comparable haha ' Man I really wish boards had more of the oldschool cool posters, can't say I blame them for moving on tho! Can't stay in the past or posting on forums forever I suppose. In time probably the last few of us will leave as well. Anyway just a kind of emotional post I had to get out there.
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