Auto-Fills in Ranked Games

Hey, (Please answer the poll) So, I was casually playing a ranked game I got adc {{champion:15}} my support picked {{champion:117}}. I started out bad, but I thought I would be okay (I just took a wrong ability) and in-game my sup was doing very bad. Our lane was pressured into 3v2 and 4v3 situations very often and then Lulu just gave up supporting and asked our top {{champion:54}} to support. He accepted, but he because he got top he wanted to take a little of my farm, I was just happy the support changed and the game went on and after another gank from the enemy team {{champion:54}} went back top and {{champion:117}} came back to support (*after a couple of deaths*) she says she got auto-filled and she gave up and the end game scores of me and Lulu are 3/9/8 and 0/12/10 respectively. So, I wanted to ask what you guys think about auto-fills in a ranked game. If someone who doesn't play a lane gets that lane then he will almost be forced to play because no one wants to give up their mid. If you want a link to this match, {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}

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