What is your most 'hellish' lane?

The lane that when you see in champion select, you're just like "Yep... I might be the ADC, but ill be roaming at lvl 1!" For me it is {{champion:136}} into {{champion:157}}. Yasuo's Sweeping blade, is a longer range than the inner orbit of your stars, so if you try using the stars to last hit, he can dash straight onto you without even touching the stars. When he is on you (and you cant attack him whatsoever), due to his movement speed and stickiness there is physically no way of getting him off except flashing or using ultimate, you cant even doubletap Q (even though his release page says you can). All you can do is walk to your tower, hoping that you have enough MS to eventually outrun him. This means that to farm you need to use your W which drains your mana so quickly and pushes your lane like no ones business, which leaves you open to ganks and with no mana. Your Q is slow and the particle is huge, and the wind wall blocks it easily. If you know he is about to ult you, and you ult him back (just as soon as his tornado hits you) his knock up lasts long enough that once your ult has finished knocking him back, he still has time to press R and ult you. So literally all i can do is stay alive until lvl 3 (or lvl 6 if i want to be properly effective) and just roam for the rest of the laning phase, sacrificing mid turret. Im not saying Aurelion Sol is weak and I'm not saying Yasuo is strong, I'm just saying its hell to play that lane, its not like playing against your counter where its hard but if you play smart you'll be okay, there is legit nothing you can do. You either don't farm, or are completely at his mercy. Unfortunately for this circumstance, Aurelion Sol is my favourite champion, so i play him a lot, and Yasuo has a 30% pick rate, which means this lane happens A LOT :( anyway, what is your most hellish lane? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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