Bots in A.R.A.M, and people instalocking with incorrect lanes

First off, I'll start with the bots in A.R.A.M. I've seen a pattern with the bots. they all have similar names if you have a look at this recent game from yesterday then you can see how similar the names are *link removed* They all have lower-case letters at the start of their names. I find it interesting from watching a video of a summoner running bots from a lot of computers to level up accounts and sell them for money. I find stupid that people cannot level up accounts legit. Secondly, I want to let you know that there are summoners who instalock certain champions every match that you mm with, for instance. I've been in a summoners game about 6 times. their name is *name removed*, He "mains" miss fortune and instalocks her without any hesitation and will call mid when someone has already called it. he does nothing about it and just runs to mid and starts playing. MANY people have reported him yet he still hasn't been banned here's a summoner profile off lolprofile *link removed* thank you for reading my little rant about these stupid things - Pomarr
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