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I copied and pasted this from my thread I made on reddit China is ruining OCE, this is not a racist thread, this is from the result of Chinese players getting banned from the Chinese servers, and thus these players begin to play on OCE, while they are waiting for their suspension to end, as a result, OCE gets plenty of toxic Chinese players spamming SB, inting and what not.This is an issue in many OCE games, not just league of legends (an example of this is PUBG where most of the infamous cheaters are from the Chinese server). Who am I and what credit do I have to back this up? I am a plat player in OCE (rusty due to uni work etc) and I was baited by a Inting Chinese person spamming SB all game, for the dumbest reasons ever (he constantly invades the enemy jungle trying to fight and dies when he loses 1v1). He continues to Spam SB, while taunting me. Eventually I end up flaming him, while still trying my best to win, and he feeds and flames our team. I end up getting suspended while the person inting walked away scot free. A way to solve issues like this (so it does not happen in the future seasons) is to region lock China. Why is region locking China a good thing? Well most games that region locked China stopped dealing with a ton of toxicity that comes from their massive player base. An example of a game that is doing very well is WoW, although WoW has region locked China due to cultural differences and what not, the game has never experienced huge toxicity issues like League and PUBG has. If you want proof of the huge Cesspool that is the toxicity leaking over from China in OCE, go to the OCE boards and type in "Chinese" You will find a lot of threads trying to discuss the problems going on. But to no avail, no real response asides from an old post from a rioter that is also fed up with these issues. I personally accept my suspension, it is wrong to swoop to someone's level like that. However what I am not fine with is that after all this time on OCE, this is still a prevalent issue. Reddit has proven, time and time again, that the only way to get a riot response to a real issue is to post it here instead of their boards.
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