How to defeat Cho'Gath?

Cho'Gath has always given me trouble, he is really survivable and tanky, has so much cc, and HUGE damage. What do i do to defeat him in lane? (and out of lane) and who should i pick against him? I dont know what to do, poke doesnt seem to work, because he just passively restores his health quite significantly, and he then can out poke you because his mana also is passively restored. You cant go all in on him, his damage, CC and true damage ult just end you. And he's too tanky to burst down before he lands all his abilities. So what should i do? Obviously dodge his Q if you can (but it isn't the easiest thing to dodge if he aims it cleverly) and you cant dodge his silence (like literally even if you dash out of range, it still hits you if he cant it while you were in range, which is stupid) if his silence doesn't hit, its because he didn't use it right. You'd think that once you avoided his abilities and got up close that you have the advantage, but his vorpal spikes do just as much damage as an AD champions basic attacks, plus he halves your health with his ult. So what do i do and who should i pick? My current main champion pool for mid is: Azir Aurelion Sol Kassadin Syndra Karthus Vladimir Anivia Xerath Twisted Fate Yasuo (and even though i hate her i am thinking of learning Le'Blanc because there are too many Ahri's and Fizz's around, and she counters them both, and none of my other champs counter either one.) And my main champion pool for top is: Shen Poppy Vladimir Gangplank (although because no one else on the team ever picks a tank, i cant use GP as much as the other 3) So please tell me if any of those champs are good against Cho in mid and in top. Or can you suggest champions that might have more of a chance against him? (maybe Swain/Morde? idk) Ive been playing since season 2, so I'm swallowing my pride by asking such a beginner question, but he has always given me greif, and its time i ended it. Any help is appreciated. (provided, 'just dodge it' isn't the only advice you have to give) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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