Problems With The Latest Patches

So I've come across several issues with the latest couple of patches, and only one of them have I seen complained about of the forums. Now just to clarify I'm only complaining about these issues as they've happened while I am playing at a stable ping of 24-35 and with a frame rate of 100+. So I'm not having any stability issues here, I've also talked it over with other players ranging from Bronze to Master and they too have seen or had these issues. So first one, many seem to have noticed this one to the point it's been complained about a lot on the forums. Minions being cock blocking little shits. So something was done to minion collision? And now minions are some ridiculous immovable wall of pure hatred that fucks you over and lets the enemy take advantage as if you were CCed in place. Yeah okay, minion block ain't anything new, but it's been frustrating and over the top these past two patches. Why? There doesn't seem to be any NEED for it to be like this. Second problem is with minions again, this time it's minions disapearing/dying when they shouldn't. I'm talking when you go to last hit a minion at the right time and suddenly it disappears/dies when it shouldn't. And it's not only when a minion is in that perfect primed position for being last hit either, I've seen minions that are at half health suddenly die when they aren't being attacked. The third problem is also related to minions, but I guess it applies to champions as well, and really anything that you can target. Quite often I've gone to last hit a minion, and instead the game interprets my click as either a click on another minion or a move command to stand next to the minion. Now the fourth problem. This is skillshots. So I've seen many issues with skillshots these last couple of patches, and the problems differ from champion to champion. {{champion:53}} Has been landing Qs when the Q obviously doesn't come anywhere near the target. I'm talking a miss of 1-2cm or even being out of range. There have also been instances where a Blitz Q will phase through minions and latch onto a champion. Then you have {{champion:81}} his abilities will fire off a few degrees away from where your mouse is pointing, and this is very inconsistent as well. It also seems that the hit boxes of many other champion's skillshots are not accurate to their visual appearance. There are more issues I have to mention, but these are the most pressing for now.
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