A mid laner’s first impression of Sylas

So this is my first opinion of the new champ, both playing as and against him. 1. Unless he reaches Zed/Yasuo popularity levels (an instant turn off due to the lack of variety), I’ll definetly be picking him up! He fits the rare breed of mid laners that utilizes a bruiser playstyle, (but unlike some others, doesn’t spend the first 15 minutes being a punching bag because of melee range). So as a mage player I don’t often get too much access to that type of playstyle. (So far, my pool of such champs has been limited almost exclusively to swain). So as much as I like my glass cannon playstyle, it’s nice to have a couple of champs I can use a different playstyle with, but still be in mid lane. 2. His heal shouldn’t be so easy. It’s a fight changing ability, and so under no curcumstances should he have it available twice in a single fight. Also he needs to have to work for the heal a little more, either it needs some kind of short cast time or animation (like other fighter’s heals, e.g Darius, Camille etc.) to allow the enemy some small chance to play around it, and negate some of its effectiveness. An instant ability that is both an excecute and an inverse excecute heal, is an assassin ability, and fighters should not have such abilities without some kind of trade off like a cast animation. OR if a cast animation would make the champ feel less smooth, then the heal should be a short over-time heal instead. maybe he heals over a 0.5 - 1 second duration, rather than just instantly being half HP again mid fight. I think this would play better into his role as a bruiser/distrupter (he’s not super squishy, which means he can get away without an instant heal). And also means that champs who rely on excecutes won’t be robbed of their chance to kill him, while they are mid cast animation. 3. Something needs to go on his E. Sorry but that’s way too much for any single non-ultimate ability to have: Two dashes, two procs of his passive, damage, a shield, and a knock up. That’s too much. If Azir’s E can’t have a knock up, there’s absolutely no way in hell that Sylas’ should! Either the shield or the knockup needs to go. It’s too much power for a single ability to have. I don’t think I have to write too much about that, it’s common sense. Move some utility to another ability (which is hard seeming all his abilities are choca full of kit already), or get rid of something entirely. This is my first impression of Sylas. So far I really like him, but he has access to a lot of stuff a little too easily. He definetly isn’t a massive problem champ like others have been on release. He is fun to play as and against (providing he doesn’t become like Yas and make an appearance in every single game, which always saps the fun from any champ). From what I’ve experienced so far he has enough counterplay in his kit to provide players with (at very least) the ability not to feed him like mad. (Some recent champs like Akali are much much much harder to catch a break from, once they get even a little bit ahead.) Obviously he has a very unique mechanic which brings a very dynamic slant to the game. Which is always a step in the right direction. With some tweaks he looks like a great and potentially healthy edition to League. (And it’s not every day a champ gets praise this high from me) What are your thoughts?
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