Nijiiyo's Bday Bash Stream (feat. mad loot)

(: ^ / )-|-< pls be gentel
Hey all! It&rsquo;s my bday today and like anyone on their bday I&rsquo;m having a big party where I give people things. That&rsquo;s how those things work right? Come by my stream any time between 10:00am and who-knows-when/until-I-can&rsquo;t-handle-it-anymore. I&rsquo;ll be giving out random prizes including mystery skins, icons, steam codes and desura codes. Chances are there may be some custom games involved later on in the day to determine some of the better loot and I might chuck some of the crappier game codes into random raffles. See you there! EDIT: Stream is offline. Thanks for watching, feel free to come by on any day because I'll be there eagerly waitin' to talk to you and maybe give you a lil somethin if you stick around long enough.
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