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Soo idk if there are many people from the community on here. But for those who are, say hi? Mainly I kinda want to have a conversation about the way chat censoring is handled RE: the queer community. I understand the historical use of the word as a slur makes it more sensitive in the U.S, for example, but in Melbourne it's the most popular catch-all term for everyone. ~~(I mean "gay" is kinda misleading in some cases, and who can be arsed saying LGBTQIAwhatever every time you want to talk about your friends in particular groups)~~ Anyway, so, the word is censored in chats. That'd make sense on other servers, but maybe not on the OCE one? Like I try to talk to friends on there about being queer and all it comes out as is "I'm ******" which is kinda odd. I first noticed it cause some toxic onion-eyed ratsbane was running around saying "die fa***t" and wanted to respond with "dude, I'm queer, find another insult" but it was censored. I just find it really weird that people can run around freely using homophobic slurs by substituting the G for Q and other methods that people running the servers never seem to catch out, but you can't defend yourself with popular, mainstream identifying labels from the actual queer community. (I'd "get over it" as some people have suggested, but since homophobia in Australia is rampant enough that people are still targeted for beatings and shiz, ~~not to mention we have the biggest homophobe as a prime minister~~ I feel like it's worth still having discussions over.) Rant over, whatever, add your thoughts as you all like.

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