The thought is nice here, but it is kind of a cop-out.

Choose the Next Illaoi Skin - Nexus
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Even excluding the facts that she's never properly been nerfed despite many complaints, or that it took a year and a half to 'realise' that her tentacles were too long for the indicators despite overwhelming feedback since day 1. This post just shows the clear lack of interest in Illaoi. It's a common occurrence to see massive posts _(the most recent regarding Blitz'z new skin... skins?)_ about how much time and effort goes into developing a concept from 1 really great idea into an awesome skin or skin line, and overcoming any obstacle in the way of that vision. just to list a few And in all of them, its always the same story _"We don't want to just pick a champ and then force a skin to be made for them, we want to come up with great ideas and see which champs fit those ideas, we let the idea, not the champ, guide the creation of skins."_ and then after saying all that over and over again, it's just like _"Yeaaaa we couldn't actually find anyone in the office willing to give a f*ck about Illaoi, so heres a few concepts and we will just let you guys pick whatever you want, while we go and make some more Fizz and Ezreal skins."_ 1. If the ideas were so good and thought out behind all of these skins, why make us choose? Why not just keep 2 in storage and bring them back as future skins. And if the ideas aren't driving these skins, and they are just "appease the community" offerings, then that goes against your whole philosophy on skins, why would you be happy releasing them? 2. If you truly want the community to decide on Illaoi's skin, why not include something like Dunkmaster Illaoi as a concept, which is something the community has actually be trying to get. I appreciate the inclusion of the community into the creative process, but it perhaps would have been more suitable to do for a champion who hadn't been ignored all these years. And now because of that context it really looks like _"Even after tall these years, we still can't care enough to actually do the best we possibly can, so why don't you guys just pick one for us."_ ___________________ Don't get me wrong, the skins look pretty cool _(I personally like the space one **A LOT**)_, but if you really had a good idea that you thought was the best illaoi skin that can be made, you woudn't risk it not being picked, E.g. you wouldn't put God Fist Lee sin up there and risk the community not voting for that one. especially seeing the community doesn't have the graphic or conceptual skills to realise good from bad. Its like Bill Gates asking a homeless person wether he should buy a Rolex or an Omega watch, they cant appreciate the difference between the two products. They look at it and think "Woah a $100,000 watch, thats so cool". Just like how the community will look at these 3 skins and go "Woahhhh that one is pretty! [VOTE]", and not consider all the little details like how her personality and voice fits into them, which as a designer it is your job to make sure is the best it can possibly be for illaoi. We as a community are like a big child, put candy in front of us and we will eat every piece of it until we poison out blood _(or the game is filled half-assed skins)_. As designers, it's your job to carefully select the best pieces of candy and only give us those, not give us the cookie dough before you even decide what biscuits you are making. **TL;DR:** It looks like a cop out, to ignore a champion for years, and then when you finally make a skin for them, to just turn to the customer and say _"well why don't you just do it"_.
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