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I've been curious for awhile now that I have had multiple of these games... I'm sure there is a hidden MMR in Normals; right? Well I'd like to understand how it works, the only reason why I am concerned is that- as a Bronze (Separate from Normals I know but still...) I shouldn't be versing Platinum to Challenger consistently, not just once every 10 or 20 so games, it is more or less I see them every 1-3 games... (I have won many of these higher-tier games and enjoyed them and have also hated them) But that doesn't mean that we should be placed there; not when the higher-tiers aren't sportsman like at all; they instantly bag out on the Bronze players, they won't even give out a few pointers where me/others have gone wrong.. It's just not a healthy environment to have fun I just want to know the reasoning behind this. (And I also think that partys have a big play in this)
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