To the riot employee that just deleted all those posts.

You dont think ive tried that? Ive reported this guy hundreds of times. This isnt a one off, this is a gold smurf, who gets his kicks from trolling low elo games. And im his favorite fucking punching bag, purposefully throws every game im in, then attempts to queue at the same time as me to either throw again or carry the enemy team just to piss me off. Excuse me if i have absolutely no respect for your team. But if that guy for 2 years can fly under the radar. Then how many more. because i already know of 2, he has an accomplice that he duos with on the regular. how many people, dont get banned, that deserve not just permanent bans, but ip bans due to the fact that dont even play on their main accounts, to avoid getting banned. How many people dont get banned, because you left the system up to a bloody machine to decide. A machine that doesnt even factor in gameplay based trolling. And dont say it does, because if it did hed have been banned years ago.
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