Non-toxic Players Club! Please Read :)

Hey guys, I want to create a club on the Oceania server for non-toxic and friendly players. Back before we had our own server, I was part of a group on the NA server called "The Gentlemen's Club" . It was full of players who never raged, were friendly, and had never been banned. As that club name seems to be already taken on our server, I have created a new club called "Make Love, Not War", a slogan that was commonly used for back in the 1960's by people who were opposed the Vietnam War. It will be a club for all friendly and/or non toxic players of all ranks where you can find players to queue up with that you know won't be toxic. If any reports of toxicity of players that are in the club, they will be reviewed and removed from the club if I deem fit to do so. Add my IGN: Timebomb0800 to join :) EDIT Note: Feel free to get friendly players you meet in games, or people you already have on your friends list to add me if they want to join, given they aren't toxic of course :) I've already posted this on the "Summoners' Society (League of Legends OCE)" Facebook group and am having great success so far!

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