Can I game at higher than 60 fps without issues?

Bear in mind the comp is almost hitting two years now and is custom built. Specs: Core i7-4790 CPU 16 GB Ram Gtx 970 Evga SSC version I run the game off SSD And I have dual monitors. Both at 1920 x 1080 60Hz and the other is 70Hz So I want to game at higher Fps. I have Vsync and Antialiasing on. I have tried turning them off in the past and running the game uncapped. I don't know anything about overclocking so I rather not go there just yet. Tho the issues I run into are firstly there is like a horizontal line that appears every time I move my mouse to reposition my screen for my character. Secondly my character jumps short distances like its teleporting. Plus the game-play doesn't look as smooth. Anyway I can game at higher fps with my specs without running into those issues?
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