THIS IS DIAMOND 5 ELO - story time

**I'm going to talk about the game I just had in soloq. This is at 2100 ELO. ** We're in champion select after my mate had dodged because his adc got taken and we wanted to mid/adc duo. And we end up with the same teammate who took adc from him in the first place. This lobby took place after a 30min timer The soloq gods were really like fk you. But that was just the beginning. So he goes top instead and I get mid lane and we go in game. Then the guy who picked Vayne died 3mins in. Alright this guy was in lobby like 'I'm a better adc than you'. Then Bard began to flame this Vayne. This is where it all went downhill. Vayne decides to troll. He comes mid lane after I, as Ahri, got ganked twice by the enemy duo mid/jg. So I'm a bit behind but getting ready to get back into it when Vayne announces in chat that there's no point playing. Ahh...sweet, sweet Vayne players. And she proceeds to contest my farm...for who knows how long. Okay. This is still 10mins into laning phase. Then she walks up top and takes Trynd's farm too. Then she tries to take Jarvan's red buff. The chat was going crazy at this point as you might imagine. The flame. The all chat. The /all push mid. /all report vayne Our entire team was angry with Vayne, and could you blame us? Trynd, my mate, MVP did his best to push the summoners code on all of us. He kept persuading Vayne to play properly. Bard, I could tell, was actually quite a god. He was doing a lot of work. Trynd at this point actually won lane and took a few towers. We were at an 8k gold deficit at 16mins however. In the meantime Vayne was going in between taking people's farm and afking or 1 v 5ing. Laning phase ended quite quickly due to this random movement. Everyone was at a huge farm deficit, yes, Vayne included. Then blue team began to get caught a bit. I was playing Ahri and me and Trynd with the help of Bard and J4 set up actually managed to pick up quite a few shut downs. We had double tp as I had TP on Ahri and the enemy only had 1 TP. THIS IS THE EPIC BARON CALL. Blue team goes up to baron and everyone starts running up from my team, even though we were massively mis-positioned. Bard stalled with his ulti and we all ran in and killed them all. ACE. What? 2 of us died, me and Trynd. (We were the heroes, I swear.) At this point I got fed. I was doing massive amounts of damage and catching people off guard. Trynd was taking all the objectives and being a nuisance. But back to the baron scenario. Three are alive after the fight. Vayne, Bard, J4. They are low. Approx 300hp each. Their decision? BARON TIME. _Executed. Executed. Executed._ .... /all LOL Vayne:: afk (Enemy Jinx) All: What is this game? SO me and Trynd spawn. /all Meet ya'll are baron (Jinx said) ROUND TWO. 2 v 5 at baron. I dash in at Jinx and almost blow her up if it weren't for heal. I die. Trynd dies. The horror. But we stopped baron! Then round 3. Our team comes in and we manage to turn the tables. 24mins in, we finally are even in gold. We secure baron at 28mins, but wait, the game's horror isn't over yet. Vayne is still trying to 1 v 5. And this is when it gets real. I'm massively fed and no one on the enemy team can touch me. That was really good for me when... Vayne dies. Then Trynd dies. Bard dies. Jarvan dies. I'm all alone and they're all on 60 seconds death timer. We have open inhib and their team is alive. At this point, we had actually opened their nexus. It was almost full hp and my team pinged me to backdoor. I didn't have lich bane. I never really backdoored under pressure before, and I wasn't going to do it. But that meant I had to recall from the deaths of my teammates at dragon and defend my base 1 v 5. I think someone went to defend the nexus in case I backdoored and the other guy was missing so it was me, Ahri, vs Jinx, Tahm and Panth. Alright I had no choice but to defend the base successfully. My heart thumping with the pressure, I let my inhib fall. Then Jinx charged forward with get excited and I realised they meant to kill me before taking the base. Uhhh. I killed Jinx and Panth with the help of the nexus towers and Tahm flashed away and ran with 100hp. That was fine by me. The game was saved. Then I start walking back to base when I saw a Fizz with homeguard charging at me, clearly after having Tp'd into our base. He jumps me and my HP is chunked, I zhonyas while I wait for my CDs and press W and he dies at the same time as I do. That's three dead. My team spawns and goes for baron instead of taking down the nexus 4 v 2. So we get another baron. We go pressure now. Trynd wants to split but the whole team keeps wanting to follow him. Trynd walks bot and everyone goes. I stay top to split with TP. I got lich bane at this point. Then I see a fight break out at bot lane. Panth and Jinx both bought gA. We manage to win the fight. Then we won the game... In the end we ended up with a 10k gold lead and won the game. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} ....???? The miracles of soloq. Look at the graph. Thanks for reading, I must now go shower and wash off sin. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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