The most annoying thing as Singed or Udyr

You know those really annoying teams they mia you after they die as if you misplayed then you go on to get a triple or something? And then they keep going cause they can't grasp the concept? Well whenever a good Dyr or Singed play they will use their style of play to their advantage, and when people don't understand what this is and start miaing it is really tilting. Just stop spamming pings and focus on the game. When you mia someone it makes them lose their confidence and mechanics in the heat of the moment. Sometimes I will be getting the free-est kill and end up dying because of someone on my team spam miaing me as if I'm doing something wrong. Then they justify it by saying "Pinged you 100000 times" as if that's a good thing. I may not bring much to a team but based on my previous experiences shot-calling is my strongest asset. I know what I and my team is capable of in a fight, what objectives to go for and how to play. Like instead of going mid when their team is sieging and dying with them, I could take a tower or two bot lane. 1 of 2 things will happen. I will either get and inhib because no one comes, or they will be forced to send at least 2-3 people bot cause your solo champs ain't stopping me. This allows my team to either have a free mid/top lane or win a fight. But some people have bad logic and spam assistance pings. "HELP US!". Then will proceed to flame leading to my tilt and certain demise. I notice most of these players are bronze. That might be one of the reason why people are bronze is because they don't properly understand the game, just the champions, mechanics and map, but not the actual essence. Anyway my point is if your teammate is doing something and look confident, don't ping to flame them or persuade them out. Ping to assist them. Like if they are playing aggressively instead of spam pinging yellow ping on them, alert them where the enemy is and use missing or blue pings. They usually know what they are doing, pings discourage them, leading to the "I told you so" situation. Of course on the other hand if you know they are doing something stupid, instead of spam pinging them, use the pings properly. Ping mias on enemy champions coming and use the fall back pings. Pings are meant to offer strategically value not the death of a team. I'm not saying you have to respect the players on your team, but there is more than one way to skin a cat, and I for one am sick of the constant visual cluster of an angry communication. You can have people muted, have ping volume muted, and still get tilted cause of this constant garbage. To the point of Singed or Udyr, their speed allows them to go for unorthodox plays. They both like getting chased and wasting time, they both like ccing a champion then neglecting them and moving onto the next target, they both like CHASING targets, and their speed makes it a good option to make use of the speed instead of hammering away at a single target for too long. They both have the ability to solo large groups or 1v1 enemies, but where they shine is with their team OR in their best situations which is getting chased or chasing while been fed. (Either in cs or kills). Teams usually don't take advantage of that power and flame Dyr or Singed as if they are meant to act as like a Wukong or support champion. This usually leads to losses, but most of the time a team will know how to synergize and let them set up and carry. So don't spam ping them, they know what they are doing.
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