So when is the shen nerf coming?

His become popular again, not sure why. He was always strong. By strong i mean, well for about 2 years ive been calling the annoying prick OP. He basically wins top after completing half an item and gets a few levels in his Q. I Just want one nerf, nerf his fucking regen. His Q is absolutely fucking bullshit. You cannot counter it, thats what makes it unbalanced. He buys sunfirescape and deals stupid amounts of damage, literally after that one item its all over. Early game he just starts cloth 5 and farms all casually, you shove to his turret and yeah he misses a bit if he doesnt go ad in his Runes and there you go, thats apparently his weakness. Like in all honesty try trading with him when he has half a sunfire scape, hell land q auto you with his passive use feint and just abolishh you. Nasus cant win him in a duel mid game with farm, like thats saying something. And i know going tri force is kind of troll. But his literally the best duelist in the game with that item (rest tank), he makes Jax look like a chump. He buys armor and there you go lifesteal is negated like crazy when dueling against him. But you cant do the same to counter that regen. His fucking stupid. Always was. INB4 go teemo. also why the fuck was he buffed, not really considered a buff, but WHY would you even BOTHER giving him some sort of help. The kunt rapes top like almost against ANYONE. its like buffing pantheon. DOES IT MAKE SENSE? NO? WHY DO IT?
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