Urf spam....

As riot have stated many many times and gave a massive months heads up urf won't be returning on april the 1st, is this offical message not clear enough for people? can they not read? sure you guys may be complaining that it will only be 4 days of urf compared to 14 days but isnt change good? {{champion:121}} , but im sure riot have got something sorted for this. Just please stop giving riot hate for not releasing urf yet they gave us a warning about it which people just took as a joke and still asumed urf is still on. If riot was smart they would cancel urf because of the toxicity, begging, fighting and pure spam in boards (kind of what solo mothers do, when you beg to much for a bouncy ball, they will punch ya for not shutting up) its also crazy that people are spamming them with hate and still expect them to put urf up, oce server and others please grow the f up
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