PAX Australia Panels - We want to hear from you!

Hello Summoners! PAX Australia is approaching! Last year we hosted a variety of panels around Esports, Cosplay and other subjects for both attendees and those who watched on YouTube. This year we'll be heading to PAX again, but we want feedback from you on what you'd like to hear us talk about. Below are some subjects that our community and crew have expertise in, if there's something you'd like to hear us talk about please let us know in the poll below! You can only vote once, so make that vote count, if you're passionate about two make sure to sound off in the comments below. Cosplay Connoisseurs: _What does it take to create some of the amazing cosplays you see at conventions? Find out as the experts take you through the process and answer your questions._ How to become an Esports Contributor: _Esports are on the rise but it takes a lot of work to bring it from game to screen. How do you go from a spectator to someone who is involved in making this happen? _ Life of a Pro Player: _At the start of 2017 the OPL moved from being an online league to a LAN league, with players leaving behind their homes to live in Sydney. What is it like living in a house with 4 other players? What is the schedule like?_ How to Shoutcast: _Commentators are a core part of any Broadcast. Wether you're streaming an online tournament from your bedroom or Shoutcasting at the World Championship, there is always something to learn. Join our local Shoutcasters as they run you through what great casting looks like._ Esports Production: _What happens behind the scenes of a broadcast? You may hear of producers and directors, but what do they actually do? Find out as the OPL Production team gives you an overview of how a broadcast is put together._ Mechs vs Minions Live Game: _Some Riot personalities sit down for some good ol' Mechs vs Minions. Will they succeed at the mission? Probably not, but that's half the fun!_ Other: _We would love to hear from you! Post any suggestions you have in the comments below!_
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