Good Bye League

from s2 to b2 in provisional games.. ok thats fine.. you know whats not fine, dropping to b3 because of feeders and afkers, top lane doesnt get 1 gank, rages and starts feeding 0/13/0 in someones team is not ok, got to promos in b2 both game 1 afk, its bullshit rito, you do nothing about afkers in a game or feeders, how do you balance a 4v5? least dota (first one) idk about dota 2, but when a person left you could their items and make gold, least wasnt such a set back, in league we get nothing just an oh well 1 afk -15 lp wont hurt anyone, seriously what does banning even do, they just come back and do it all again, giving ppl 5 minute wait before ques for afking is pathetic, so as far as i know me and my mates are saying bye bye (it was fun while it lasted)
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