How to flaunt leaver penalty like champion mastery or ping?

So just like how you can ping your ping levels, stating your lagging to excuse your bad skills, and flaunting the shiny champion mastery level with ctrl+6. I was wondering if i could flaunt my leaver penalty level to show my willingness to AFK a match if the salt continues in a rank game. I like to play to win and to have fun, and muting is an option, but that removes the ability to communicate with the team. (usually the salt is between 2 other players, but I dislike that too). So if they aren't willing to communicate and behave i usually just leave game. Fun > Rank (plus likely going to lose anyways if people are salty). Is there a way to prove your willingness to leave a game in-game? or do they just have to take your word for it? I think I'm currently level 2 leaver, and I want to prove it. How to?
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