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In the past 10 games ive played in league, ive been told to kill myself numerous amounts of times. and im not even talking. Ill show you what i mean.. Cheesester joined the room. DekaaHD joined the room. saladator joined the room. leiman heke joined the room. Slam10Dunk joined the room. DRuNK ZaAmBie joined the room. RooseDreamer joined the room. saladator left the room. RooseDreamer left the room. kevinshi101: rekt kevinshi101: ez kevinshi101: e GraZam ZaAmBie: darius carry kevinshi101: ez kevinshi101: ze kevinshi101: ez kevinshi101: e kevinshi101: ze kevinshi101: e kevinshi101: ez kevinshi101: ez T1 Kai: most damage kevinshi101: ez kevinshi101: ez Cheesester: Holy fucking shit. T1 Kai: ezeze T1 Kai: ez T1 Kai: e T1 Kai: e T1 Kai: ez T1 Kai: z T1 Kai: e T1 Kai: ze DRuNK ZaAmBie: lol you mad T1 Kai: most damage np\ Cheesester: never have i had T1 Kai: get good bronzies DRuNK ZaAmBie: we gave that to you Cheesester: so much Slam10Dunk left the room. Cheesester: aids in my life. T1 Kai: hang urself then T1 Kai: kalistsa T1 Kai: kalista Cheesester: You're so cool arent you T1 Kai: ur gold T1 Kai: arent u T1 Kai: LOL Cheesester: Yeah DRuNK ZaAmBie left the room. T1 Kai: XDXDX T1 Kai: XDXDXD Cheesester: so am i T1 Kai left the room. Cheesester: cool Cheesester: i dont care DekaaHD left the room. leiman heke left the room. kevinshi101 left the room. GraZam ZaAmBie left the room. Cheesester: can everyone report this idiot please. "T1 Kai" was talking badly the ENTIRE game. calling everyone bad and repeatedly telling people to kill themselves. And i know that NOTHING will happen from me submitting a report ticket. i just really wish riot or someone who can do something sees this and tries to make a change. because at the moment this is the type of game we're playing. a game where other people think that because they are behind a screen. it has no ramifications. Telling someone to kill them self is not okay. it never is. We have all encountered that one salty person. but even the people who were apparently Qued up with T1 Kai, didnt even say something. is this the type of community riot is accepting now? I just hope something can be done about this. if it wont happen soon. it never will.
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