I shouldn't be placed in a low priority queue

When your whole team is BMing you in ranked just because the enemy jungler has a lot more presence on the map and you're getting blamed for not winning everyone's lane for them. Like, as Shaco, you have enough trouble clearing camps, you have to recall very often. Udyr gets free sustain, free stuns, free shields, free attack speed, free aoe, free movement speed. And I'm expected to keep up with 1 crit, slows, an almost useless fear due to the new smite (when counterganking), a clone that doesnt clone the buffs, shows you different stats, and a 3 second stealth jump, like that shit doesn't even reset on kills. Your clear time is possibly the worst in the game, a ranged minion can practically one hit you (exaggerated but you get it), your miss chance procs once in a year, it doesnt work on champions, you cant 1v1 ANYONE, you have to plan what the enemy is going to do for the next 20 seconds before you try to kill them in their jungle. you dont start with enough attack speed to proc the golem stuns, you're not tanky enough to work well with gromp buff. your E does jack damage until it's maxed, your boxes die with one auto attack from a non tank and generally you want to attack the squishier damage-based targets. Any targetted CC destroys you. Your Q can only juke so much. You're melee. Your boxes do no damage if you're building AD unless you waste your whole mana bar and stack them. No one falls for box stack baits. They only last 1 minute. You sometimes have to ulti to just clear camps. Sword of the Divine was removed. Riot either nerf every other jungler or buff Shaco. Also, BMing should be a much more serious offense than afk. I shouldn't have to wait 5 minutes before every game for 5 games. That queue they're going to get for BMing is the same as if they did nothing wrong, when I chose that they didn't deserve to win, and I wasn't going to join a group of idiots for the sake of winning, sorry but no, Riot, and people are doing this even in high elos. They might be more tolerant, there may be less BM, but people have the right to make it harder for their team to win because of people showing childish behavior. If no support, jungler or top laner deserves respect, then why else do you think League is known to have the worst online community? Answer me that, Riot.
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